Ads Per Post: Search Engine & Blog Marketing Services

Janette Toral shares information on how can advertisers seek assistance for various campaign placements such as ads per post, blog reviews, text link ads, image ads, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Yahoo Search, among others.

Buy ads per post - text link ad in a post

Ads per post is the most affordable and easiest to place blog campaign. This is where the advertiser gives the following:
  • anchor text (usually a phrase composed of two to five words)
  • web address
  • number of placements
As campaign manager, I place this to bloggers, mostly club members, who are members of our ad network. Bloggers are given room to:
  • Tackle anything in their blog for as long as the ad is the only one that has a link.
  • There are no in-text or any 3rd party advertising appearing within the blog post level.
A typical 12-15 links ads per post campaign is worth US$120. While waiting to be completed, I provide six (6) site wide links from my various blogs as a bonus (worth no less than US$120 per month).

Limitation of this campaign includes:
  • Advertisers don't get to choose the blogs where their ads will appear. This is to protect the privacy of bloggers part of our network.
  • Topic of the blog post is not necessarily related to the link of the advertiser.
  • Bloggers may or may not opt to disclose the ad as sponsored or paid for. If they opt to disclose as such, they are required to follow this format. ("This is a blog post sponsored by Club for advertiser keyphrase.")
Should this service suit your needs, contact us today. Full payment is required at the start of the campaign.